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Since I've noticed that I keep getting the same or similar questions I thought that it was about time I got a FAQ for myself. /*e*/:iconsparklesplz:

Commissions - Closed by SweetDukeNo Requests by SweetDukeTrades - Friends Only by SweetDukeCollaborations - Friends Only by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeKiribans - On Hold by SweetDuke

1. Do you take requests? Nope. I typically only draw for others when I feel like it, not because they ask me.
2. Do you take commissions? Sorry, commissions are currently closed.
3. Do you take art trades? With friends only, if ever.
4. Can you post a tutorial for " "? I'm not really that great with tutorials, though it would probably help you a great deal more to check out the various tutorials I have in my favorites.
5. Can I post your pictures elsewhere? Only if you give credit to me and link back to my DA.
6. Can I use your pictures as an icon/for a fan fiction/as a new character for a role play forum/to make something to sell/some other project? For these things specifically, even if you gave credit I do not want my art to be used as such. ESPECIALLY if the image you wanted to use was one of my original characters, I do not appreciate it, it is not flattering, and I more or less view it as extremely disrespectful to both my character and me as the artist who worked hard to create the character (that last bit is mostly directed to those who would try to use my OCs for their roleplays).
7. Can I create my own fan art of your characters? Of course, I'd love to see it as well if it's ever posted~ c:
8. Would you be willing to help with this project I'm working on? No thanks. I've got plenty on my plate already.
9. Would you like to join this group? No thanks. Not unless I was interested in the first place (and I'm really trying to cut down on joining groups because I'm asked OTL).
10. What program do you use to draw? I mainly use Photoshop CS3, from start to finish.
11. What program do you use to animate? I animate using Flash, Photoshop, After effects, or some combination of the three.

That's all I can think of for now, I hope that answers a lot of curious people but if you don't see your question here then shoot me a note or something. If you happen to ask a question I already answered then it will be ignored. :iconlazywaveplz:


( • v •)!



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Melissa Lee
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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 22, 2015, 9:42 AM

EDIT: Just updated with the beautiful new image board shown in today's update! There's seven days left and it's almost reached its goal now! Studio 4˚C is going out of their way to sweeten the deal and is paying heavily out of pocket to see this through. If you love anime, animation and enjoy their work please consider giving it a look~



Studio 4˚C is doing a kickstarter for a new 18 minute animation (with 50 minutes of total content on the disc) about epic, fast-paced treasure hunting and exploration! It will be available in HD in Blu Ray format once (if) it's made~

Achieving stretch goals will help make it more into a full length, feature film! The more they get, the longer they can make it!

And a big, BIG feature is that if you become a backer, you actually get to make your own story ideas, character designs, robot designs, ANY KIND OF IDEA and show it off to Studio 4˚C, and they might actually add it into the animation!

For example, here's my Red Ash characters that I'm working on that I will be pitching to them eventually as random background characters:

redashOC by Lanmana


STUDIO 4˚C! They are the studio that is responsible for a great portion of the Animatrix, for Batman: Gotham Knight, for Halo Legends: "Origins" and "The Babysitter", for Mind Game, for Tekkonkinkreet, and the ThunderCats 2011 anime! And much more!





The kickstarter is happening right now! It will be ending in less than 12 days though, so if you're interested in supporting their animation, think fast! It's already more than halfway funded, but it's in a bit of a pickle right now so it could really use some support! :D


Studio 4˚C is working alongside Comcept to help create a new IP with Red Ash. It is something that might strike a chord with fans of Mega Man Legends games, and the enchanting story and fun characters those games brought to life. Of course, Red Ash is it's own brand-new thing too, so you don't have to be a fan of Megaman or even a gamer to get into an animation about treasure hunting! These are all new characters in an all new world for us to bring to life~

The game and the animation are it's own separate things too, and Studio 4˚C has free reign on how they want to portray the same characters and the world they inhabit. By using Kickstarter, both the animation and the game have a chance to be made with complete, artistic freedom! No smelly publishers mucking up the original vision, taking things out, censoring, imposing near-impossible deadlines and shoehorning stupid things in last-minute.

Also, by using Kickstarter we as backers get a front row seat to watch these things being made behind the scenes, and get a chance to be a part of that creative process~

I also check the kickstarters frequently so if you back then idk, you might see me around in the comment section~ :D

So if any of this strikes your fancy, go give it a back!


ALL DA BACK :iconcathrmplz:

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  • Playing: Pokemon, Rune Factory 4, Smash Bros, MK8, Splatoon
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  • Drinking: probably diabetes


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do you leik bunnehs?
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Hellow there random deviant. :) (Smile) *clicked the random deviant button* Just want to spread the love. :) (Smile)

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Have a hug too. Hug :) (Smile)

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I don't know how to message on the phone app here, so i'm gonna leave a comment, I love your moogle cloud picture, absolutely love it, and I have been looking for someone to draw a cover photo for my YouTube channel, and I am hoping you would be open to doing it, if you have the time, you can reach me with an answer at my gmail; Silverthemoogle (you know what follows, it's a gmail) if you choose not to, just ignore, i'll understand, and i'll just assume you said no if you choose not to send me a message with your answer, if you say yes, we'll discuss it more in email
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Your daily designs for the challenge are just super great. Each one of them is awesome and I love how you use different styles for each!
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Dat white star ain't gonna be gone for a looooong time.
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Your art is really great!
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I just wish there were more smarter and nicer people on the Internet that would be very open to everyone kinda like you. Yeah? :>
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may I use your fakemon on my tumbler?
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