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MH: Takuma Kudo by Lanmana MH: Takuma Kudo by Lanmana

Name: Takuma Kudo

Age: 17

D.O.B April 12th

Year: 3rd Year

Height: 6'0"

Gender: Male

Home or Boarding: Boarding

Club: Dance


Takuma is usually quite laid back and easygoing, and is okay with meeting new people. He tends to be very bad with names at first so he has a habit of giving those he meets nicknames based on something that stood out during their first encounter. While he can be outgoing on the surface he retains a constant state of loneliness on the inside and doesn't really believe that he is capable of becoming any closer to others than a regular friend. Nonetheless he remains playful and cheerful towards others most of the time. He is polite and tries to be honest with others, though he usually avoids confrontation or changes the subject when he is hiding something.


Takuma was born and raised in Takayama, growing up with his parents and his twin brother Hiroshi. He and his brother both knew what they wanted to do with their lives at a very young age; Taku wanted to dance, and his brother wanted to play the violin. They were the best of friends and did nearly everything together, until one fateful day when Taku had been out shopping with his mother. Seemingly out of nowhere the little boy felt uneasy and started to cry for Hiroshi in the middle of the store. Taku's mother thought little of it until she got a call to hurry back home. Something had happened to Hiroshi. Ever since the loss of his brother, Takuma felt incomplete and dreadfully lonely.

All of his friends and even his parents treated him differently, and he felt a huge pressure being put on him to live his life for both himself and Hiro. Taking his brother's violin he learned to play alongside improving his dancing skills, in memory of his twin. Takuma put every photo of his brother and several special items in a box, locked with a key he keeps with him at all times and treasures. As he grew beyond middle school his parents each got new jobs that required them to work in distant cities, or to travel often. They enrolled him in Miyagawa High and paid for his boarding there for the duration of his stay. 


+ Dancing (his speciality is tap)
+ Sleeping outside
+ Strawberry pocky, taro mochi, seaweed snacks
+ Rhythm and monster collecting games, namely DDR, Pazudora and Taiko no Tatsujiin
+ Playing the violin
+ Wearing costumes
+ Listening to people sing
+ Cats

- Mirrors
- Misplacing his key
- Heights
- Being lonely
- Insects
- Curry and lamb
- Waking up early
- Needles


Kiyoshi (Dancey-kun) - Friends. When Taku lost his key and chased after it in a frozen river, Kiyo dove in after him. They spent the night at the hospital together being bros and throwing feelings at each other LOL

Nagao/Yui (Snowy-chan) - Friends. Taku first met Yui while they were both trapped in the school overnight because of a snow storm. He let her borrow his jacket so she could return home safely without catching a cold.

Rem (Koala-kun) - Acquaintances. First impression is that this one is a koala wearing a human skin LOL /PICKS UP AND CARRIES AWAY

Goro (Allium-chan) - Acquaintances. Met at the arcade and had a friendly DDR match. Also a qt~

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Takuma Lanmana/Melissa Lee
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TenshiAdes Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014

WHAT A HANDSOME SON YOU HAVE :iconcryforeverplz:

I-i uhm... W-would you like t-to rp with me? :iconinamithinkplz:

I can see my boy and yours sing togheter all cute and asdfghjk //slapped
Lanmana Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
LOL thank you~

and sure, I'd like to rp once the chat opens again.
TenshiAdes Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
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He looks, oh my God, how should I say this, he's, oh, really, I mean he's,
he's just God damn cool. I mean it. YES. YES. YES.

Okay anyway I'm here to welcome you to the school AND to the dance club as well! 
Lanmana Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
LMAO aww, thank youuuu~ ;u;
khoumei Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
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